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California’s labor laws are found in the state’s Labor Code and all applicable case laws. These contain all the general provisions and specific regulations that concern the compensation, wages, hours, and all labor-related aspects. Every employee and worker in California has the right to take advantage of them. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the employer to honor its employees’ rights for fair compensation and wages. However, if you are an employee and you feel that you are owed unpaid wages or you have been prevented to receive minimum wages or overtime pay, then it would be best for you to seek the expertise of the best Los Angeles wage and hour attorney.

Through an expert wage and hour attorney, you won’t only get the unpaid wages you deserve. Your employer may also have to face the penalties and consequences of its actions or inactions with regard to the compensations and wages that it should provide you and your other co-workers pursuant of the existing California labor laws. Since securing a victory against your employer won’t be an easy task, it would greatly benefit you if you hire a top wage and hour lawyer from our Los Angeles labor law firm.

Wage and Hour Claims Attorney CA

Our law firm’s best California wage and hour lawyer has the extensive knowledge of the labor laws that apply to the situation of employment in the state. To begin with, receiving less than the state’s minimum wage, not receiving overtime pay, and being misclassified by your employer as an exempt employee or independent contractor in order to prevent you from receiving the wages you deserve are basic violations that are punishable by law.

It could be difficult to understand even the most basic of provisions that encompass the existing labor laws in the State of California, more so in taking the necessary steps that entail the whole legal process of filing a wage and hour claim against your employer. Hence, it is in your best interest to obtain expert representation from our labor law firm’s top wage and hour claim attorney in California who has extensive knowledge of the state’s labor laws and will provide the quality representation that you need to win your claim.

Why should I Hire a Los Angeles Wage and Hour Attorney?

Hiring our labor law firm’s experienced wage and hour lawyer in Los Angeles is vital if you want to obtain the best possible outcome for your claim. Our talented pool of labor attorneys is widely familiar with the current state and labor standards legislation. Since the existing labor laws penalize employers who fail to pay their employees the right amount of wages at the right time, your California wage and hour attorney will aggressively pursue and effectively handle wage and hour claims given our decades of legal experience. If the circumstances of your labor situation is the same as that of your co-workers, our top wage and hour lawyers may consider filing a class action claim on your behalf.

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If your employer misclassified you as an exempt or salary-paid employee instead of a non-exempt or hourly-paid employee, has failed to pay you overtime wages due to deceiving timekeeping practices, or generally does not provide the right amount wages on time, you then have the right to file a wage and hour claim with our Los Angeles labor law firm’s best wage and hour attorney in California. We will assure you that our law firm will defend your rights and protect you from any retaliatory actions of your employer.

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