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Tipping is practiced in restaurants, casinos and other establishments where servers work. It has become part of daily life, especially for those who receive them from regular paying customers. For the wait staff, tips are one of their primary sources of income that should not be taken away. This is why California law has long recognized that tips are a reward for the staff’s excellent service and that they are entitled to such gratuity. However, despite the existence of laws regarding tips in California, not all employers are knowledgeable of the basic rules, which result in them violating the provisions of such laws. If you have been working as a wait staff in a restaurant or in any establishment and your employer unlawfully collects tips from you and your co-workers, then you should consider exercising your rights and file a labor complaint with the help of a top Los Angeles tip violation attorney.

Despite the existing laws with regard to tips, not all wait staff and other workers who receive tips are able to exercise their rights. Not only are they unaware of the advantages that the existing labor laws give them, but they may experience roadblocks within the whole situation, including fear of confronting the employer or fear of getting terminated in retaliation for filing a complaint with the help of an expert tip violation attorney. If you are experiencing this kind of inconvenience, it is best that you contact our labor law firm’s expert tip pool violation attorney right away to help and guide you throughout the whole legal process.

Tip Pool Violations Lawyer in California

A tip violation attorney in California is highly knowledgeable of the prevailing California labor laws that concern employees’ tips. Basically, the laws protect them from having to share their tips with the owners or managers of the business.


Specifically, the basic tip law in the state can be found in the California Labor Code, Section 351. This provision states that your employer or immediate supervisor must not collect or take tips or any form of gratuity (or any portion of it) from you, which is given to you by a paying customer. Also, the employer must not consider the tips you receive as a credit for your wages, not to mention deduct your wages from tips. If your employer doesn’t follow these simple provisions, then you have a strong argument to file a claim against your employer with the help from our Los Angeles labor law firm’s best California tip pool violation lawyer.


Why Should I Hire a Tip Pool Violation Attorney in Los Angeles?

Hiring an expert tip violation lawyer in Los Angeles is important so that you can have a clear image of what the laws are all about with regard to the circumstances involving your employer’s tip violation. While the gratuity you receive is yours to keep, tip pooling may still occur within the workplace. However, your employer should be aware of which mandatory tip arrangements are deemed legal and pursuant to the existing tip laws in California.

Initially, tip pools are allowed as long as the employer determines who can and who cannot share in it. The state’s Department of Industrial Relations clearly dictates that a manager or any person who has the authority to hire or fire employees, or supervises, directs, or controls the acts of other employees are not allowed to obtain employees’ tips or any form of gratuities. The ones who are allowed to take part in the pool are those who provide “direct table service,” particularly the wait staff, busboys, and bartenders, among others. With our labor law firm’s knowledge of these provisions with regard to tips, your California tip pool violation lawyer will make sure that your claim will result in a favorable outcome.

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Providing excellent service to customers is what you always strive every day; getting tips from satisfied patrons is just one of the perks of doing so. However, what you gain for serving food, drink, or any form of service may not always be yours, especially if your employer violates the tip laws in California. As such, it is in your best interest to obtain expert representation from our labor law firm’s top Los Angeles tip violation lawyer in California.

If something is holding you back from standing up for your rights as a tipped employee, then our labor law firm is willing to aggressively pursue your claim against your employer. Give our best tip violation attorney in Los Angeles a call today at (866) 772-2889. You may also send us the details of your claim via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .