McDonalds Agrees to Pay Monetary Relief to Settle Religious Discrimination Lawsuit


January 3, 2014

Fresno, Calif. – McDonalds Restaurant of California Inc. has agreed to pay a total amount of $50,000 and furnish other reliefs to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim employee.


As agreed under the settlement reached by both parties a few weeks ago, McDonalds will pay $15,000 to its Muslim former employee, Shaheed Khan.


Also, the fast food chain will provide training to its managers and staffs. It is further required to redistribute its existing policies related to religious discrimination and reasonable accommodation.


It was 2005 when Khan filed a religious discrimination complaint against McDonalds after the latter failed to grant his request to wear beard to work as part of his religious belief.


In September of the same year, Khan was eventually discharged from his job.  


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), on behalf of Khan, filed an employment lawsuit alleging civil rights violation, which McDonalds has eventually opted to put an end through a settlement agreement.


On the other hand, the EEOC lauded the fast food chain for its commitment to aid reinforcing laws relating to religious discrimination.  


Workers have the right to request an accommodation which would allow them to work while still practicing their religious beliefs. Employers must consider such requests and ensure that no negative actions are taken against workers who exercise this right,” said the EEOC’s Fresno Local Office Director, Melissa Barrios.