California Labor Commissioner Returns Millions in Unpaid Wages to Workers


March 27, 2014


California – The state’s Labor Commissioner on Friday has returned $17.7 million in unpaid prevailing wages to workers on public works projects back in 2013, the officials have announced.


The payment follows a previous investigation on prevailing wage and other state labor violations at more than 400 publicly funded projects.

Reports say that the payment is more than double the $8.2 million gathered by the agency last year. In fact, it is the highest collection in a decade so far.


We are doing better, more thorough and more timely investigations, but it is not enough to just uncover wage theft and issue citations; it is our job to get the wages earned into workers’ pockets,” said Labor Commissioner, Julie Su.


We are now doing this at the highest level in the history of the Division,” Su added.


Part of the state’s Labor Commissioner’s office’s mandate is to inspect wage and hour violations, adjudicate wage claims and enforce prevailing wage rates and apprenticeship standards in public works project.


The agency is likewise in charge of investigating retaliation complaints and issuing licenses and registrations for businesses.